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 zombiesworngod hybrid deck

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PostSubject: zombiesworngod hybrid deck   Mon May 20, 2013 9:54 am

as a few of you know i have started my god hybrid zombies...AMAZING broken ass deck. i just need a few ideas to get them out faster. anything will be taken into consideration and possibly tested for flaws. thanx peeps

sincerely Chance!javascript:emoticonp('jocolor')
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PostSubject: Re: zombiesworngod hybrid deck   Mon May 20, 2013 10:13 am

Would you like to send the build you currently have so I can see how to speed it up? I am sure you're running some plants like Dandylion, Spore, Lonefire Blossom. You might be interested in some of the Nordic support since some of them can special two tokens after battle. Dracossack is another option; effect for the two tokens then sacrifice them along with something like Spore or the Dracossack itself. You benefit from sacrificing Goblin Zombies anyways. Plus, you already have other support like Mezuki and Book of Life. Are you running a Lavalval Chain? It'd be perfect for sending your Spore, Dandylion, and Mezuki to the grave. Or, you could use it to add a god card to the top of your deck. Treeborn Frog could be another interesting variant to try with it.
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PostSubject: Re: zombiesworngod hybrid deck   Mon May 20, 2013 12:14 pm

unfortunately DN is down and wont let me log on. so i can't send my exact build, but here is the just i don't run dandylion i run lightsworn wulf instead it ss and its easier to get lavalval chain to the field like that. i run three masters for his eff of summoning zombies i run 2 or maybe 3 lumina's and i run 2 lylas for pesky trap cards i run mezuki of course hes a must and i dont worry about normal summoning the gods i only run obelisk for the fact that he can be ss from the grave. and that's my build i run a few odds and ends traps just to say fuck you to those tech heavy decks, like divine wrath x2 starlight road to protect my field, i don't think treeborn would do any good i believe his eff states only if you your s/t zones are empty so there for it doesn't do me any justice to run him i didn't think about dandylion or spore and ive only heard a little of lonefire so he didn't cross my mind either but i will def. try them thanks for that...and nords are only after battle im better off with out them i took them into serious consideration but after a few friends talked me out of it i think they were right they are too circumstantial to mess with. i was thinking about running a few compulse but i don't know. i think that would be best for getting rid of threats and returning my god cards to the hand instead of destroying them at EP. that's the just of it...ill send you the actual deck list once i can log on to DN

thanks sugar and looking forward actually showing you this deck first hand!
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PostSubject: Re: zombiesworngod hybrid deck   

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zombiesworngod hybrid deck
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